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Alessi 90029 Toast Rack, by Christopher Dresser

Alessi 90029 Toast Rack, by Christopher Dresser

Alessi 90029 Toast Rack, by Christopher Dresser
Alessi 90029 Toast Rack, by Christopher Dresser

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A Design Icon created by a Visionary Designer -

It is amazing to think that the origins of this design date back to when Queen Victoria was on the throne!... A time normally associated with among other things, gothic revival architecture (in buildings such as the Houses of Parliament) and decorative ornamentation.

This toast rack is clearly the oldest design that we have chosen for the dream icons collection, and yet it looks like one of the most modern too.

Originally created in 1881 by the design visionary Christopher Dresser - this is a design icon that has been adopted by Alessi for the prized Officina collection.

Dresser was famed for championing industrial design as a force for furnishing ordinary people with well-made, efficient and engaging goods. His commercial success is all the more remarkable because Dresser also pioneered what we now recognise as the efficient, simple modern aesthetic.


Christopher Dresser was clearly ahead of his time - a pioneer that led the way for future designers.

Seeing nothing superfluous in nature, where every beautiful thing had simplicity of form and a clear function, Dresser applied the same principle to design. This toast rack design follows this doctrine with great success and it is also beautifully crafted today by Alessi, as you would expect.

Dresser is considered to be among the first independent industrial designers, producing stunning work in areas ranging from wallpaper to glass and fabrics. This is not only a great design; it is an amazing piece of history.

How many people do you think will be able to pick out the iconic Victorian design in your contemporary kitchen, or dining room?..

Please note that that this item should be washed by hand.

Product Code: Alessi 90029
Dimensions: H: 13.5cm, L: 11.3cm, W: 8.3cm
Finish-Type: Mirror Finish
Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel


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