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Ecobutton - Energy Saving Device For Your Computer

Ecobutton - Energy Saving Device For Your Computer

Ecobutton - Energy Saving Device For Your Computer
Ecobutton - Energy Saving Device For Your Computer
Ecobutton - Energy Saving Device For Your Computer

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Eco friendly and saves you money -

As energy prices continue to soar and the effects of global warming become all too apparent, it is clear that we all need to move towards a low-energy lifestyle.

The ecobutton is an easy to fit, power saving device that can keep a few extra pounds into your pocket and in some small way help keep the polar bears in house and home

Computers and monitors can account for a lot of electricity: a single monitor left switched on overnight can use the same energy as a laser printer producing 800 A4 printed copies.

It is also easy to leave a computer running because you wish to return to several applications that are open and you don't want to spend an eternity powering down and then powering up again.

The ecobutton simply plugs into your Windows PC via USB and then simply hit the button to send your computer into energy saving mode every time you take a break, put the kids to bed, or nip out for a quick drink at your local.

The ecobutton engages a deeper energy saving mode than the regular Stand By mode you usually find on a Windows PC. When you need to continue with your work, you'll find everything back to how you left it after waiting only a couple of seconds. It even tells you how much money you have saved

This energy conscious design is manufactured from recycled plastic and will work on any PC running Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Some older computers and some HP computers may have difficulty in reactivation. This is a problem with the computer bios and not the ecobutton software.

A Mac version is expected sometime soon.

In the next few years, computer designers will no doubt become more energy efficient with their new products and until then the gently pulsating green button is a great option.

- Your Personal Computer can waste a lot of energy when left idle.
- The ecobutton illuminates as a reminder for you to press it, activating the most economical sleep mode available.
- When you return to your computer you will almost INSTANTLY continue where you left off.
- Savings in both electricity costs and carbon footprint are displayed on screen.
- Over time you will use LESS energy and REDUCE your carbon footprint
Product Code: O-E-969461
Dimensions: H 1.5cm x Dia 5.6cm
Material: Recycled Plastic

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