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Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen at Dream Icons

Louis Poulsen Lighting is a company of great vision that is renowned for the originality, functionality and elegance of its designs.

This innovative company was founded back in 1874 and was instrumental in the evolution of Modern Design and has always sought to collaborate with pioneering architects and designers at the height of their powers, producing innovative and frequently iconic lighting designs. This unique approach has created some of the most memorable lighting designs of the modern era, establishing their range as a cherished favourite of many architects and designers.

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The superior styling, craftsmanship and quality of their products can be found in prominent projects worldwide and these are designs that can stand the test of time, with a unique treatment of light and the use of high quality materials and construction techniques.

You need only look at the sublime PH5 by Poul Henningsen to see this in practice. Henningsen created the this series of designs specifically to provide a glare-free lighting pendant. This design is perfect for those who enjoy creating a warm and inviting environment around the home. When the this beautifully sculptural pendant or one of the PH50’s (created to celebrate the 50th birthday of the original pendant light) is hanging low above the dining table, you and your guests will be able to enjoy a glare-free lighting experience and be gently bathed in warm and flattering lighting tones.

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PH50s at Dream Icons

With the majority of the lamps being produced at the company's Danish factory, you can feel rest assured that each piece is beautifully made by integrating long established craft traditions with the latest technological advances.

Louis Poulsen ’s cultural influence was recently recognised by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) who awarded them with the 2010 Honors in Collaborative Achievement Award. They are the first lighting manufacturer in history to win the award, which recognises the achievements of those who have had a beneficial influence on, or advanced, the architectural profession.

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Dream Icons is an Official Louis Poulsen UK Retailer and we believe in providing a service that matches the calibre of these outstanding designs. All the lights that you see are kept in stock and we are always happy to provide any of the other designs in the range on a special order basis if needed.

Louis Poulsen Norman Foster design at Dream Icons

With so many classic lighting designs in it’s collection including the PH Artichoke, Panthella table or floor Lights, PH 4-3 table light, Enigma etc it would be easy for the company to just sit back and relax. However, Louis Poulsen is not a company that sits on its laurels and is continually producing new and innovative lighting solutions for our constantly evolving modern world.